September 3, 2019

The Advantages of Thermal Flow Meter

Customers require cost-effective and high performance instrumentation to meet their specific requirements. Capillary thermal mass flow meters and controllers have been able to meet these criteria in a broad range of process applications. Thermal mass flow technology measures the flow of gases directly at the molecular level, which makes it an industry standard for mass flow control of gases. In most processes that flow gases like CO2, N2, Air, Argon, etc., it is not gas volume, but gas mass that is the critical variable of most interest. As changes in gas temperature and pressure influence measurement performance, volumetric flow measurements are less reliable than mass flow measurements. Customers can lose reliability and accuracy, and in many cases, even money because of process inefficiency and waste. Volumetric flow meters require additional temperature and pressure compensation in order to change the volumetric flow rate into mass flow rate. Capillary thermal technology is the cleanest choice for steady control of mass flow rate and gas flow measurement. No messy calculations or temperature and pressure compensation, only pure physics at work. Source: ‘‘. Watch a video.


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