March 2, 2020

Reliable Breath Detection in Gas Flow Analyzers

A ventilator tester or gas flow analyzer verifies independently settings and monitoring system of a medical ventilator with breath based parameters like inspiration (Pinsp) and expiration (PEEP) pressure, in- and expiratory tidal volumes (Vte, Vti), breath rate (RR) etc. To measure breath based parameters (= Respiratory Parameters) a gas flow analyser has to reliably detect the ventilation’s breath cycle. In the analyser inspiration-start and inspiration-stop conditions can be set by the user. These start and stop conditions are both normally set either at the flow or pressure signal the ventilator provides through the gas flow analyser into the test lung. If noisy signals are provided by the ventilator breath detection i the ventilator tester could be unreliably or false. In such cases it could make sense that start and stop conditions could be set on different signals. E.g. Start inspiration condition at the rising edge of the pressure signal and stop condition at the falling edge of the flow signal. This is a way to get reliable breath detection and that the gas flow analyser can measure reliably respiratory parameters. Make sure that your ventilatoir tester offers such capabilities.


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