31. July 19

Penn State cuts ribbon on huge engineering building

Sure, it’s big – but other aspects are likely to strike those who enter Penn State University’s new Chemical and Biomedical Engineering Building. The $144 million classroom and research venue at University Park will be ready for fall classes. Many labs in the six-level building are along corridors with glass walls allowing people to follow work inside, officials said. Walls outside those rooms have magnetic whiteboards for tasks including writing formulas. Some of the labs are open and grouped in what planners call a “lab neighborhood.” “The ‘neighborhood’ concept locates together different labs conducting similar research, which will facilitate collaborations and build more bridges between research groups,” said Phillip Savage, head of the Department of Chemical Engineering. The building has gross floor area of 194,000 square feet, which, minus space taken up by ventilation and mechanical systems, leaves 109,100 square feet assignable for use. It holds the departments of Chemical Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. Find more information at the: ‘‘.


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