05. June 19

EasyCal – fast, simple and better than ever

Over the last few months, IMT Analytics has optimised the EasyCal calibration service. Thanks to our many years of experience, we were able to adjust the processes at key points, thus simplifying and accelerating for our customers – including a simpler online process and the ability for customers to use their own parcel service.

Years of experience with EasyCal
One company that has been using EasyCal for a long time and appreciates the improvements is RCA. The South African company has grown into the regional market leader in ICU equipment for the past 20 years and also sells ventilators. For many years now, more than 20 gas flow analysers from IMT Analytics have been used to regularly check their emitted pressure, flow and oxygen concentration. Each year, these analysers are calibrated with our EasyCal service.

Speed as a condition
In particular, Vernon Ferreira, Head of Quality Assurance at RCA, says he values the speed EasyCal offers: «Quick turnaround of units is a big requirement for us, as each field engineer has his own dedicated flow analyser.» In terms of optimisations, he sees the biggest advantage in the additional documents that are sent via email when returning the device: «This allows for quick reference if anything is required by customs.»

Best possible results
Ferreira also points out that the IMT Analytics calibration lab has recently been ISO 17025 certified: «Thereby our company is secured that IMT Analytics is providing reliable products of good quality. This enables us to ensure the best possible outcome of our service and performance verifications of medical devices.»
Further information on EasyCal can be found on our website, where you can also use the service directly.


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