05. June 19

Gas FlowAnalysers

Gas flow analyzers and ventilator testers are used to test any kind of medical device that exerts pressure or produces flow.

Reliable Breath Detection in Gas Flow Analyzers
A ventilator tester or gas flow analyzer verifies independently settings and monitoring system of a medical ventilator with breath based
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Ventilators: The Importance of Preventative Maintenance
MedWrench recently spoke with Tenacore’s Biomedical Engineer, Charlie Pak, about the importance of preventative maintenance for ventilators. By Tenacore Tenacore
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Effective Management of Ventilator Technology
The keys to effective ventilator management can be found in procurement, training, and the use of a team approach between
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Medical Device Manufacturers Require Tighter Leak Test Requirements
Catheters, pacemakers, ventilators and dialysis filters are vastly different products. But, they all have one thing in common: they must
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Temperature influence in flow and volume measurement
In mechanical ventilators, the inspiratory and expiratory volume (Vti, Vte) and minute volume (Vi and Ve) must be precisely checked
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