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Reliable Breath Detection in Gas Flow Analyzers

A ventilator tester or gas flow analyzer verifies independently settings and monitoring system of a medical ventilator with breath based parameters like inspiration (Pinsp) and expiration (PEEP) pressure, in- and expiratory tidal volumes (Vte, Vti), breath rate (RR) etc. To measure breath based parameters (= Respiratory Parameters) a gas flow analyser has to reliably detect […]

March 2, 2020

What impact do Gas Standards have on my Testing Measurements?

Customer feedback has shown us that many measurement errors are caused by a mismatch between the gas standards used by the device under test and the analyzer used for testing. Keep in mind both the devices are measuring the same gas flow but each device can be set to apply an offset to the displayed […]

September 24, 2020

Temperature influence in flow and volume measurement

In mechanical ventilators, the inspiratory and expiratory volume (Vti, Vte) and minute volume (Vi and Ve) must be precisely checked with a gas flow analyzers or a ventilator tester. Ventilator testers, from different manufacturers, can measure flow and volume. However, flow accuracy is strongly temperature dependent and needs to be temperature compensated. This is particularly […]

August 21, 2019

Gas FlowAnalysers

Gas flow analyzers and ventilator testers are used to test any kind of medical device that exerts pressure or produces flow.

June 5, 2019